Statement from the Rotherham Sports Acro Club Management Committee
To all members
As you may be aware a number of our senior coaches have decided to leave Rotherham Sports Acro Club immediately after the Yorkshire Championships (5/6th November 2016). Whilst this will affect how the club is organised we will continue to provide gymnastics for everyone.
As we said earlier this summer, when this possibility was initially raised, it might be different but Rotherham Sports Acro Club will continue to provide high quality coaching in an open, inclusive environment, encouraging all gymnasts to reach their individual potential, personally and as a gymnast.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to a committee member (Caroline Barnard, Carol Davies, Andrea Hansel-Hides, Gail Kershaw, Jenny Lau, Laura Marshall, Alison Proctor, Mark Roberts) or contact us via the Club email
As you may be aware the Facebook page “Rotherham Sports Acro Stars of the Past”, which has been used for communication by some members, has never been an official method of communication with the Club. For the time being please use the above email address to contact the Club.
Thank you
October 23rd 2016

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